w o r t h w h a t ?

W O R T H W H A T ?

Text and voice: Nadja Grasselli
Sounds: Federico Robol

Thank you to: ESMERALDA and Università degli Studio di Trento

Short extract:

Can we see fears or measure them?
But would you question their existence?

Whether you get along with them or fight them, first:
consider them.

If I map my fears
will it help me to overcome them?
If I map my dreams
will I have more chances they become true?
Will they still be dreams or will they become projects?
And once mapped - will their content get more ... "physical"?
or will their just
their essence?
- - - - - - 

Sono a Trento.
I am in Trento, have been talking with a friend about
the idea of estimating in money
the whole value of a tree
I say: out of the question. / He says: Exactly.
... impossible things are worth trying?

Let's calculate the value of the moon!
Not just because it is untouchable
but even more because since Leopardi's words the moon gained additional value!
How can we calculate the value of lyrics for the spirit?

Let's pretend I am Shylock!
I cannot even think of a merchant in Venice
without seeing a piece of human flesh on a scale,
its price being estimated
I said „più uno!“ - it's not measurable –

but he may be right,
the fact that it is not measurable maybe means even more:
the value exists.


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