A performative experimentislands-postcard
Imagined and directed by Nadja Grasselli

With the islanders Leonard Cortana, Andreas Hannes, Zuzanna Jarmakowska

about islands, eggs, personal pronouns, systems
and liminal / border spaces.


The island is an image with a long symbolic heritage.
It is a symbol of the human condition – and at the same time of the extreme.
It represents the individual and her /his realtion to society.
It is a symbol of an (almost) closed system – like the earth or an egg.
And if something breaks in?

Ei-lands is a performative process that opens to the public after intensive working sessions. With it LMN is experimenting on a new method, that questions the borders between performance and theater. The members of LMN, usually spread in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland meet each other in diffent places to work, step after step, on this experiment.

Experiments till nowadays:
12.12.2013 / ACUD Theater / Berlin
30.01.2014 / Bookique / Via Torre D’Augusto 29 / Trento, IT
12.04.2014/ Carnival , Otwarta Przestrzeń Cyrkowahttp / Łódź, PL
13.04.2014 /Miejski Ośrodek Kultury w Pabianicach im. Zbigniewa Herberta / Pabianice

Press about Ei-lands and LMN:
Osservatorio teatrale
Il trentino

Ei-lands is also
– an installation on which we are currently working
– a series of videos which you could see following here…

Video: Ei-lands – Obsession from LMN – Liminale Räume.

Video: Ei-perspective from LMN – Liminale Räume.

Trailer Ei-lands from LMN – Liminale Räume.

Impression of the first trial during the artistic residency Wonderous Stories of our partner Smallhouse Productions
Video: (Ei)lands from LMN – Liminale Räume on Vimeo.

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