ABISSI [abc/absee/absea/abyssey…]

A travelling performance in metamorphosis

A project by LMN – Liminale Räume
together with Smallhouse Productions and Evoè!teatro

Imagined and directed by Nadja Grasselli
With Marta Marchi, Paolo Bisetto Trevisin, Andreas Hannes, Julian Schließmeyer,
Johannes Bode, Vincent Bababoutilabo, Luise Volkmann.

Plot inspired by a novel my Michele Mari
Texts by Conrad, Melville, Poe, Verne, Stevenson
– and Kyrill Antar, Paul Jeute, Thomas Rossi, Nadja Grasselli
Nuno Escudeiro: Video / Elena Tudorache: Graphik and video / Luigi Piotti: Scenography / Roberto Perez: Sounds / Zhenja Khlebnikov: Animation / Zuzanna Jarmakowska: Organization

In German and English
Performed in different locations in Leipzig in 2014

Ein Schiff auf hoher See. Eine unerklärliche Windstille.
Merkwürdige Fische besuchen das Schiff. Es sind die Fische, welche die Augen der Ertrunkenen gefressen haben und mit ihnen ihre Geschichten. Und diese erzählen sie nun weiter.
Ist es reines Glück oder ein Ansatz des Untergangs in die Abgründe?

13 Artists from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Russia and Poland have been working 10 days under the artistic direction of Nadja Grasselli experimenting around a performative format: from the interation and clash between Music / Performance / Video we are creating a travelling performance, collecting always new stories, constanlty in change.

The residency is supported by the YiA programm of the European Union

Trailer from LMN – Liminale Räume

Video: a proper fish from LMN – Liminale Räume.

…  stories from Abissi / Abgründe / Abysses (Berlin 2013)

Video: Pescipedi from LMN – Liminale Räume on Vimeo.

Press about Abissi:
Teatro e Critica


In the corridors of the Romance Studies Department, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


An international residency and performance studio
May 2012, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Romance Studies Institute
une 2012, Caffè Letterario Bookique, Trento


Twelve young people – artists and organizational staff – living in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, but coming from all over Europe, worked together for two weeks on an international production creating a multimedia performance. This is inspired by La stiva e l’abisso, by Michele Mari and reinterpreted according to the M.A. thesis written by Nadja Grasselli and to the inputs of the international group of artist coming together. The performance will be in different languages – mainly Italian, but also German, English, French, Finnish ….

Our partners:
Small House Productions and Evoè!teatro

This project is supported by the YiA programme of the European Union.


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