Since 2017 LMN is on air once a month on RadioBlau – Leipzig.
Radio is a liminal space per definition and thus a room of possibilities.

Coming prgrmms:

Past prgrmms:
09.09., 15.30-18.00: Audioinstallation „Schwelle als Möglichkeitsraum“ im Garten der Initiative Querbeet im Rahmen des Freiraum Festivals. Mit Ausschnitten aus Radio-Interviews.
30.08., 18.00: With Steffen Roth  (presenting his new solo album)07.07., 18.00: Michele Mari / Interview and texts
09.06., 18:00: Über-Setzen / With the literature translators Roberta Gado and Martina Lisa
30.5., 20:00: Exibition at Frauenkultur Leipzig (with Aileen Mirasyedi), Hochroth Verlag (with Julia Vaje) / HxH Reading with Ahina Kontou (Doublebass) and Julia Vaje (Publisher)
14.4., 18:00: Introduction with the first guests: Klezmer Muskelkater

Music projects LMN is supporting and working with:
Johannes Bigge Trio – Leipzig, DE
Pequod – Rovereto, IT
Klezmer Muskelkater – Leipzig, DE
Mingus on Mingus – US / Berlin, DE